October 19th, 2018

Fall~ing in Love...

Planning your dream wedding during the Autumn months?  The month of October is the Anniversary of your first date.  You have so many memories during this season, your wedding will and must be during the Fall.  When you start to plan, it hits you.... you're not very fond of using the "true" colors or the usual decorations for this time of year.  Your bridesmaids will never wear orange.  Your fiance hates the color brown and pumpkins, how in the world would you incorporate pumpkins.  Ugh!!

Well it's not written in stone (anywhere) that you MUST follow certain guidelines when planning and/or decorating...  You can incorporate Fall in different ways.  Jewel tone colors are perfect for Fall!  Pumpkins don't have to be orange, paint them white.  Just remember that this is your special day, and whatever you envision will be perfect.  

Inspiration Board for an Autumn Wedding

Marsala and Blush Pink

Image inspiration: Pinterest
October 12th, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Wedding and Events Coordinator...

Hours can be very long,  you may not get every Saturday and Sunday off and you wish that you can catch up on some sleep.... BUT I love what I do, love talking with clients and sharing ideas and gathering inspiration to make sure each and every one of their events is memorable.  What makes it a bit more special is when my postman delivers the mail and once opened, inside are the most thoughtful and sweetest thank you letters and cards.  Warms my heart to know that what I do, along with the help of staff (whom are like my family) is much appreciated and will be remembered.  

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